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Welcome to Xtreme Fleet Maintenance, where expertise meets passion in diesel maintenance and repairs. With over 40 years of dedicated experience, we take pride in being the go-to choice for fleet and business owners in the Pensacola, FL area.

Our Commitment :

At Xtreme Fleet Maintenance, we are fueled by a passion for the work we do. Our team of diesel mechanics is not only highly experienced but also professional, time-efficient, and meticulous in every aspect of their work. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, we are committed to ensuring that your equipment and trucks meet all regulations and inspections for safe and efficient operations.

Why Choose Us :

40 Years of Expertise : Benefit from our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the diesel industry. We bring four decades of insights to every project we undertake.

Professionalism : Our team of diesel mechanics is known for their professionalism, ensuring that your vehicles receive the highest standard of care.

Regulatory Compliance : We understand the importance of adhering to regulations and inspections. Trust us to keep your equipment and trucks in compliance for a safe and seamless operation.

Efficiency : Time is valuable, especially in the business world. Our efficient services ensure that your vehicles are back on the road promptly, minimizing downtime.

Our Services :
  • Diesel Maintenance
  • Diesel Repairs
  • Fleet Services
  • Inspections and Compliance
  • NAPA Certified Services
  • Jasper Preferred Installer
Proudly Serving Pensacola :

Since our establishment on 1/19/2021, we have proudly served the Pensacola community. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by our clients, and we continue to strive for excellence in every service we provide.

Certifications :

We are proud to be NAPA Certified and recognized as a Jasper Preferred Installer. These certifications reflect our commitment to quality and reliability in every aspect of our work.

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Experience the difference with Xtreme Fleet Maintenance. Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance, repairs, or fleet services, we are here to exceed your expectations. Trust us to be your reliable partner in keeping your diesel-powered vehicles in peak condition.
Thank you for choosing Xtreme Fleet Maintenance – where diesel expertise meets unwavering dedication to service.

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Heavy-duty truck fleet specialists are professionals or companies that specialize in managing, maintaining, and optimizing fleets of heavy-duty trucks. These specialists are typically well-versed in various aspects of trucking operations, including maintenance schedules, regulatory compliance, fuel efficiency, driver management, and overall fleet performance.

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